Sunday, September 19, 2010

About the presence of museums and collections in the www

Inspired by the reading of the book "The Sari. Styles, patterns, History, Techniques" by Linda Lynton and photographs by Sanjay K. Singh Ed. Thames and Hudson I am taking some time to visit all the museums listed in the pages. 200-201, ordered by country.  I am visiting mostly the pages dedicated to textiles, costume and saris especially.  But it is also giving me the chance to check some museums that I have never considered before, but unfortunately some of them do not have their own website, though they manage to be publicized by local, national or tourism sites. That is the case of the Textile Museum of Jakarta.

Others may have a very simple presence in the web, such as the Silk Museum Yokohama Prefecture or the Calico Museum of Textiles and Sarabhai Foundation, with mere information on the building, collections, visiting, publishing but no images or information on the collections.  And yet, that causes me even more desire to visit it.

I will be running thru the list and posting.  But The general conclusion remains that for museums to be in the web is still a a matter of development and that reads not only for tourisn attraction, therefore incoming revenue, but also for researchers that could benefit from collections online, and increase the audience online, which very well could bring also incoming revenues.  Museum management do have a lot to say in this matter.

Links for more information:

Textile Museum of Jakarta
Linda Lynton and photographs by Sanjay K. Singh Ed. Thames and Hudson
Silk Museum Yokohama Prefecture
Calico Museum of Textiles and Sarabhai Foundation

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