Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Art institut of Chicago - new Modern Wing

Checking on books about new architecture in museums can be very illustrating but also time consuming because it is not always easy to find the images, whether moving or still, from the books in the museum's websites, that should offer the complete visuals of the buildings to on-line visitors.

A interesting case is the Art Institute of Chicago offer in its website a section with videos that show different spaces of the institution, plus a one special chapter dedicated to the new Modern Wing, new annex designed by reknown Italian architect Renzo Piano.
Link to the Visit / Videos pages

This page displays an important number of institutional videos, but the negative part though is that it is not possible to share them, except by linking to the page and give instructions to where to click and watch them.  Well, the new social media engagement, in this case, is helping to spreading the word because the same video from the website is accesible from the Art Institute's official channel on Youtube.

Watch it here:

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