Monday, December 20, 2010

Exhibit: John Pawson Plain Space - Design Museum, London

A recommendation of a good exhibit to visit in the next holidays, for those of you in or planning to visit London.  At the Design Museum, John Pawson: Plain Space, opened in late September and runs until January 3oth.

There is a good deal of illustration and audiovisual materials and videos with interviews to the architect, where he explains his concepts and ideas about his work and including a tour to his exhibit with him as "the guide". 

The Design Museum presents a major exhibition of the work of John Pawson. Often described as a 'minimalist' he is known for a rigorous process of reduction, that creates designs of simplicity, grace and visual clarity. At the heart of the exhibition is a site-specific 1:1, full-sized installation designed by Pawson to offer a direct experience of his work - the first such installation at the museum.  Plain Space celebrates Pawson's career to date with models, film, photographs and architectural elements and includes some of his most important projects ..
The companion blog is a good source to understand better the work of this international architect.

More info:

Design Museum London , Plain Space Blog: Pawson TourJohn Pawson website

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