Friday, July 8, 2011

New museum in Antwerp: MAS, Museum aan de Stroom

A new museum MAS Museum aan de Stroom opened its doors to the public in the city of Antwerp (BE) last month of May.  The building, located in the northern part of the city is getting all the attention from the media and visitors, and is claiming to serve as a new attraction pole to the area for residential, turism and services.

The webiste explains the museum and its mission as:
"... MAS tells new stories using the traces of these exchanges. About the city, the river and the port. About the world in all its diversity. About Antwerp’s centuries-long connection with the world. This combination is what makes the MAS unique: it is about Antwerp and about the world"
This video is part of a visit to MAS and an invitation to discover it.

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