Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Es Baluard (Mallorca) - Opening of "Los Carpinteros: Constructing the world"

Images from last month's opening of the exhibtion Los Carpinteros. handwork – Constructing the world (works from The Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary Collection , with presence of founder Francesca von Habsburg) at Es Baluard (Palma de Mallorca), a contemporary art museum/center inscribed into the historic part of Palma into the bastion that for centuries surrounded the city and
 ... the exterior areas are conceived as exhibition spaces and places to walk and follow the perimeter of the walls.  The 17th century reservoir is also an exhibition area and is used for different events in the museum’s programme. The new building is part of the old Renaissance bastion. The 21st Century and the 16th Century buildings coexist harmonically.  (from tne website)
It is an impressive building with well designed interiors and transitions where the indoors/outdoors work well.  The terraces are also considered exhibition spaces and invite to walk. or relx among them.   The museum is integrated into the urban estructure of the city, but also open to the harbor promenade, offering fantastic views and a perfect scenary for the high scale sculptures installed in teh terraces.

As for the exhibition, a collection of works by the Cuban artistic duo, rooted into the conceptual art, was  well organized, clear in the design of the spaces and somehow seaking a spectacular display that some pieces did accomplished, but I would rather have had the installation of the tables/water/lamps in a more open area where visitors could easily have walked thru the works than hae it packed in a small space, it was losing some of its power.  The second huge installation of an wall and pieces of it hangng from fine threads was much better located and created a kind of interesting three dimensional tromp l'oeil that was very much photographied.

The exhibit can be visited till almost the end of January 2012.

Images were taken with phone Nokia 5230.

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