Sunday, July 8, 2012

Museum der Kuturen in Basel

The Museum der Kulturen, in Basel (Switzerland), is an institution whose mission statement reads:
"... a place for encounters and inspiration- ... wants to foster cultural life in and around Basel, but also nationally, with attractive, exciting exhibitions and a wide variety of events"
The museum is now offering in their program two interesting exhibitons.  One is Expeditions. The world in a suitcase an interesting view of travelling and pilgrimage with a calendar of activities on the subject. 

image from the museum's website
The second exhibit is about textiles and costume in the Miau people, Iridiscent: Everyday wear – Indigo, luster and pleats, that shows a collection of textiles and pieces made by dying and pleating, that are the amazing indigo pleated skirts the Miao women wear.

image from the museum's website

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