Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Expanded drawing 012" exhibit at Casal Solleric

The exhibit "Expanded drawing" at Casal Solleric is a group show exploring the different facets of drwaing from the traditional to the technological, but broadning and opening the category to new concepts.  the curator has taken an article by Rosalinf Krauss as the starting point to offer a parcour to the rooms trying to expand the notion. This is a new edition of the exhibition that had previous celebrated in 2009 in Berlin (Germany) , in 2012 in Málaga (Spain) and in 2011 in Vigo (Spain)

From the entrance, view one of the inner courtyard of the arts center,

The list of participants,

View of the show

 Just from the entrance of the show, it is obvious a neat contrast between show and the architecture of the center

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