Monday, April 22, 2013

Ruth M. Anderson, photographer for the Hispanic Society

"Atesorar España" was an exhibition about some travelers-photographers-researchers who found inspiration for their work in itinerant journeys around several regions in Spain in the end of XIX century ans especially in the beginning of the 20th century.  Curators were Joaquín Bérchez and Patrick Lenaghan.

One of the well know was Ruth M. Anderson, who was commissioned by the Hispanic Society in New York, dedicated time and efforts to document costume in Spain in several travels she paid to several parts of Spain.  The exposition only shows part of her extensive work coming from her travels, but it is an introduction to her fantastic archive mostly archived in the Hispanic Society.

The exposition toured for different institutions, but is is important to have the chance to review the historic images taken buy Anderson, including the one above showing her during work that was taken by her father.

Different views of the venue in Bancaja Art espace in Valencia, Spain, Mar'12

Images of the pictures in the exhibition

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