Monday, February 17, 2014

"Living Fashion", exhibition at the MoMu Antwerp (March-August 2012)

These weeks the news about fashion in the main international cities are full with mentions of catwalks and presentations for A/W collections.  The nowness of these events influence the obvious reflection on the importance of timelessness.  To help understanding the meaning of wearing fashion,  two years ago the MoMu Antwerp developed and exhibition that displayed part of the collection of Mrs. Jacoba de Jonge, which was being research and now is part of the museum's archives.

The exhibit called "Living Fashion, Women's daily wear 1750-1950", curated by Karen Van Godtsenhoven and Wim Mertens, both curators at the Mode Museum, explored the idea of middle class women's garde robe for every day circumstances.  The period the exposition covered  is ample and showed  the transformation of fashion rules and impositions over a long lapse, and reflects that changes in garments and habits of wearing them were somehow product of historical and social changes.

The exhibition was divided into 13 sections each one of them presenting the different aspects of apparels and accessories, establishing a conversation on how and when to wear them and translating the the evolution of textiles and patterns.  The design of the layout followed the idea of juxtaposing home and street wear according to social rules. 

At the entrance of the expo there was a video showing some interesting aspects of working with archives and collections and there was a sing with information about delicate conditions under what the dress, costumes and textiles must be exhibited, therefore the very bleak lighting was used in all the halls that sometimes coloured warmly some of the garments.

View of the exhibit with generals and some close ups of pieces and accessories.

There were some videos and large format prints that offer context to the pieces showed.  Those prints were as interesting to observe as the collection itself.

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