Monday, April 26, 2010

Opening of the Pompidou-Metz

More information information about the next opening of the new Centre Pompidou-Metz in the New York Times and the museum's website information on the festivities for the week of the opening with th motto of
This new center could be considered another example of the use of the formula "build a huge or famous - well known museum" to attract economic development for a region. In few days the new institution will be unveiled. But the success in the endevour for the  Metz Metropolitan are and the Grande Région will need more time to prove it right.
Another subject for discussion will be the calendar of the permanent exhibition the center has designed: Not own collection on permanent show and every two years a complete different display of / and objects chosen, therefore, we assume, content; but it is confirmed there will be a calendar of temporary exhibits. Let's just waint until the curtain raises, in the meantime let's enjoy the architecture of a fascinating Shigeru Ban.

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