Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vicente Todoli resigned and expansion projects for Tate, examined

Still in an age of financial and economical uncertainties, though with some signs of recovery in the arts market, expansions of museums are starting to be questioned and analyzed from a conceptual point of view.  Following are two interesting articles from The Art Newspaper, about Tate's new plans of expansions already in process with the construction of the Tate Modern new annex.

Why Tate Modern needs to expand, by Sir Nicholas Serota is an article about the new Tate building to be unveild by 2012. And arts consultant Adrian Ellis writes about Ten years on: Tate Modern reaches a watershed, that analyses the situation of the expansion projects for big, international (and somehow, maybe corporate?) museums and/or art centers, on the study case of the Tate Modern.
The critic also touches slightly reasons why Vicente Todolí, exiting director of Tate Modern, is calling it finished his involvement with Tate.

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