Saturday, June 19, 2010

Week-end candy

I recommend today Eurasia, a history documentary in 8 chapters, hosted and writed by Alain Moreau, and coproduced by bradcasting company NHK Japan (Japan) and Point du Jour (France) in 2004. 

The chapter 2, "The Forgotten Alexandria", shows archeological and heritage sites and work done back in the 1960s by a French team in the northern part of Afghanistan and there are impressive (and moving images) inside the completely empty museum in 2004, and scenes with curators opening, for first time in many years, to the cameras, boxes with museum materials preserved during the war times from lutters and plunders, that were selling all they could take from the rooms of the museum, then full of invaluable objects and materials.

Links for more information:
Documentary series, Eurasia
NHK Japan
Point du Jour

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