Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Kaj Franck : Finnish design icon" exhibit at Design Museum Gent

A visit to the exhibit "Kaj Franck - Finnish design icon"shown at the Design Museum Gent, shows that the power of escandinavian craftsmen and the quality of products from almos any of the artists/designers that have worked since the last decades of the XIXth century.

The exhibit's concept is about showcasing the work of Finnish craftsman and designer Kaj Franck, who was considered a reformer of design, and 2011 marked the 100 anniversary of his birth.  the show brings some of the best objects designed by Franck.

His work captures very much the essence of the Finnish design, he removed from the pieces everyting that was not essential and conceived lines and colors to work as function.

Franck worked as designer for the best companies of the moment, such as Iitala or Arabia.  But his influence was perhaps most important as he taught at the School of Arts and Design in Helsinki, and a vaste number of future designers passed by his classes.


The show is organized in partnership with Design Museum Helsinki, Finland, the museum has just opened a new exhibition that tries to unveil the significance of the Finnish design.  The city of Helsinki is also celebrating being the World Design Capital in 2012.

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