Saturday, January 28, 2012

MSK Ghent, entrace to the Museum of Fine Arts

The MSK Ghent, is the Museum of FIne Arts in Gent (BE).  They have launched a new website iwth content in different languages, which makes easier to receive international recognition.  This post is about the reception-entrance area, which at the time the pictures were taken offers a seasonal christmas decoration.

The area is an open plan self-explanatory room with an easy access from the exterior and a easy reading of the possibilities the entrace is ofering.  As a four walls- four doors room, there is no doubt what to do: seeking information, entering the exhibiton spaces, heading to the cafeteria/restaurant or reaching the museum shop.

Though the building's architecture is massive, the entrance is quite minimal but has the advantage of a glass ceiling which gives an airy atmosphere to the space.

You can also discover the Flemish Art Collection: 
... is the structural partnership between three art-historical museums in Flanders: The Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp, the Groeninge Museum Bruges and the Museum of Fine Arts Ghent. (from the website)
housed in the three above referenced museums, the catalogue offers detailed information.

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