Thursday, January 10, 2013

Entrance - Es Baluard Museu d'art modern i contemporary

The art center Es Baluard  - Museu d'art modern i contemporary de Palma, is a museum inserted in a medieval former fortress that has an intricate in between the stone walls entrance.

The indications are clear once you have reach the plaza, when you can see the huge glass wall, that is the main entrance to the center and the façade of the center.  Inside there is an open plan, narrow but large room looking at the plaza and filled with day light.  Inside the distribution is the reception desk and shop on both sides of the hall and the passage to exhibitions rooms in the middle, so there is no doubt how to enter the building and the way in to the visit.   

The hall is of a considerable size, distributed in different departments, the reception desk is right at front, even visible from the outside,

and on the other side you can find the museum shop, small, colorful and quite well sorted, 

A huge painting in the wall shows the chart with the floor-plans, graphic but not that helpful after all,

Once inside and before heading to the exhibit rooms, you can have another view and perspective, 

The model before the reception desk, allows to have a visual idea of the different buildings that conform the museum and their inter-connections. A very helpful hint before and after the visit.  All and all, the entrance is modest, but sufficient, at least in low season.  But the excessive light of a winter bright sunny day talks about the inconvenience of that situation in summer months. Is there a cover to protect this space from the intense luminosity?

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