Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Exhibits at the Museum Volkwang

The Museum Volkwang in Essen, Germany has extended some more days into January the exhibition  "The ecstasy of colour, Munch, Mattisse and the Expresionists".  The section dedicated to the exhibit in the website has an appealing intro, some sort of short trailer with zoom in and out and very much color and explosive soundtrack, it is innovation in the onine presentation of a show.  Another added is the Making of, a video about how the mounting of the exhiit with words and explanations from the curators interspersed with a good number of images from paintings in the show.  It is simple in the concept but quite informative since it offers you a good idea of the content of the visit.

Another interesting exhibiton is Video Studio that runs until 7 April 2013,
In 1969, Museum Folkwang installed a studio for video editing, making it the first museum in Germany with the facilities to produce this then young medium. ......    The first presentation “Video Vision” recalls the early days of the video studio and the media experiments of the 1970s and 1980s. It shows artistic video works that were produced in the Folkwang studio.
from the museums website

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