Friday, April 1, 2011

NYtimes' article "The spirit of sharing" about museums and social media

The Spirit of Sharing, article by Carol Vogel:  Social media technology has created new opportunities for museums to create interactivity inside and outside of their walls. 
While museums have long strived to be welcoming places as well as havens of learning, social media is turning them into virtual community centers. On Facebook or Twitter or almost any museum Web site, everyone has a voice, and a vote. Curators and online visitors can communicate, learning from one another. As visitors bring their hand-held devices to visits, the potential for interactivity only intensifies.
However, there is a caveat. The new technology is “stimulating, and we’re giving a lot of thought to the amount of information we provide,” said Thomas P. Campbell, director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. But “we’ve got to keep people in a heads-up mode, to make sure they are looking at art.”
Complete article by Carol Vogel in NYTimes

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