Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The visit to DOK, a concept library in Delft (The Netetherlands)

In a previous post, I recommended a visit to DOK, a concept library in Delft, (The Netherlands). The idea of a total media library is not new, but it is news if the concept and design does really works in reality.  This is a photo-essay of my visit and through the images you can feel my reactions to the place.  All in all and without being able to use the services, I must say I do like the concept, the design works and the atmosphere was that of a place that is being used, well used.  It is also a meeting place, with catering services, a whole area for childen, with games, and of course the mediotheque, the audiovisual area with furniture-designed to provide a secluded area for video/audio uses.

The reinvention of the library in the age of media, is still possible!

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