Thursday, May 19, 2011

MET's McQueen exhibit by Bill Cunningham

Since it is the talk of the weeks in NY, I would like to recommend the weekly slideshow by Bill Cunningham in The New York Times.  It is not only interesting for the comments on the show and the work of McQeen, but also for some insights of mediatic exhibitions attracting visitors beyond the average museum public.  I believe that would be a good topic for consideration and reflection.
The excitement of the exhibition “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” has spilled out onto the front steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, with visitors dressing to the nines to view it.
"from the steps of MET ..... to be seeing from steps f the MET .... it's not the usual crowd of museumgoers .... is terrific the show itself and the show on the steps .... a magnet for visitors ..... 
And that is my point: Are these exhibits helping to open museums to new audiences, publics that that being "hooked" by the call of well known and trendy names, in the end become recurrent visitors that discover of a whole new world of "entertainment"?  There is always a first step to be taken!

still image from video by B.Cunningham, NYtimes website

(p.s.: the video cannot be embedded)

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