Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Museum of London: entrance

The series of entrances allows to analyse the concept of welcoming in a museum.  The architecture should alays offer a reception area where visitors can find their way to the museum, the start of the visit, but also the area should offer a concentration of all the information about the museum, and the meeting point for public.

The Museum of London reception area is clear right from the entrance and display signals to locate the information, also serves as the meeting point for groups to gather before the start of group visits, opens to a small shop and cafeteria, and has a seating area where you can re-organize yourself before or after the visit!

What is singular to many museums in tee later decades is their impulse in decorate the entrances with contemporary design furniture or even create bespoke pieces for these areas with different functions.  All in all the reception area should always be a representation of the mission statement of the museum.

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